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Professional Audio Production

Ask any video production company, and they’ll tell you poor audio quality can ruin an otherwise perfect marketing video.

Audio quality is, without a doubt, one of the most overlooked aspects of video marketing.In today’s Smartphone era, anyone can make videos. We’ve all watched videos on Youtube and Facebook where the external noise (traffic, crowds, etc.) overpower the person speaking in front of the camera.  What a turn off. Because, unless you know the person, you probably kept on scrolling. Thus, never even hearing the intended message.

Sound can be an amazing ally for your brand. 

The right music, voice, and sound design are just as important as your visual since it establishes that emotional connection with your audience. 

Case in point:

The next time you’re at the movie theater, pay attention to the soda commercials. The sound mix consists of that Pssst sound as the can opens; Followed by the pouring, then the sound of the ice tinkling together in the glass. Finally, the fizz sound, all of which are amplified in the mix. Those rhythms of sound that you’re setting up, people don’t generally think about as part of your branding. But, it’s absolutely part of your branding.

When it comes to adding music to your videos

Most people think music keeps your video from being boring; that it adds a little bit of color. When, in fact, music does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to the emotional impact your video has.

The audience of today’s marketers tends to be reasonably savvy. They are more aware of when they are being marketed to and when someone’s trying to manipulate them. Music creates an avenue around that wall. Music subconsciously impacts your mood. It establishes that emotional bond with your message.

As human beings, we are wired for sound. We don’t need to learn how to have sound effect us. It just effects us. It affects us at a subconscious level.
– Joel Beckerman, Man Made Music

If you’re paying a premium for visual advertising space, why leave the audio half of the experience as an afterthought?

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